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1. truck arrived at 6 PM when promised 11 to 3. Loading completed at 4 am in the morning (East Coast location). 2. Truck was not fit for my small street, I had to rent a uhaul at my expense. 3. Move Cost was 3 times initial estimate, from under $4,000 to over $12,000. I paid 70% of that sum (over $8,000) that same day in cash and cashiers checks. 4. After ignoring me for several weeks while I am waiting for delivery to my new home on the West... Read more

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I am looking for petitions to go after Moving Giant Company to sue and expose their fraudulent business practices. I see customers getting ripped off weekly and this company is still in business... We live in United States the last time I checked and we need to do something about the Moving Giant... If interested please email Regards,

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I hope you read these posts Moving Giant as you are going to get payback from a father for messing with and extorting my child. What is coming your way is not going to be good, and you are going to bare the brunt of some serious badness. You opted to break a contract, not deliver on time, force payment in cash without receipts, alter manifests, and then extort for an 150% above the contracted amount, and have the audacity to lie and infer the... Read more

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I am a purchasing professional with over 30 years experience and should have known better when Moving Giant required cash up front and would not accept a money order. My recent move from IL to Texas was a nightmare. They tell you that they use company drivers and then sub contract this to non-professionals. Their contractors taped all of my belongings without putting blankets on them and did major damage to our new refrigerator, furniture, and... Read more

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Sales team makes false commitment and estimates is always not to up to mark.I've been Charged extra $300 and when tried to contact sales Billy he is not answering call and you will never able to reach customer service. Overall harassment with no help once your stuff in their hand, all you can do is prey. It's been more than 10 days and don't have any sign of delivery. I did this based on review but looks it all fake or company owned review....... Read more

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I had the same horrible experience as others' negative experiences. Sales rep lied about the actual price as the trucker doubled the price and threatened to keep the loaded goods, the sales rep. is blocked from the customer once the delivery is occurring and then have to call company which only has taped voice message prompts. Very occasionally, one person will answer one of the prompts and provide curt and limited info. Sales person also lied... Read more

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They are shisters! Donot i repeat donot use this company! Before they delivered my furniture they called me and we're demanding more money for the delivery. I had signed a contract that's specified the amount and they wanted more. They were threatening me that they were not going to deliver the furniture unless I paid more money. Then they told me their truck was too big to enter my neighborhood and I had to pay for a U-Haul and they wanted... Read more

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First, the sales department will say anything to get you to agree to use Moving Giant. That includes telling you lies and misinformation. Upon signing, you can no longer interact your sales rep, but you can with a rude manager. The process of getting someone to call and indicate a time for pick-up is arduous, at best. Upon pickup, my belongings were dropped on the truck and upon delivery, I have two missing pictures, a missing expensive piece of... Read more

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Moving giant is the worst moving experience I have ever had. I have moved 9 times and this experience has been the worst ever. When they came in to pick up our stuff, they charged us twice the amount of the quote that they initially presented. And they wanted us to pay half of that upfront or else they won't take out stuff. They said we had to pay the other half as cash on delivery. But in the fine print of the contract they added a line stating... Read more

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A total rip off Avoid at all costs

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